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Hi, am sagbee, doing studying as well addicted of internet marketing. I would like to spend my time with interesting people. i am good observer whose always respecting the other Guts.

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    Saturday, September 10, 2005

    From 5 to 300 usd adsense revenue per day in two months

    Here are few advices for adsense newbies (I am not anymore one, but either an expert), that allowed me to climb from about * 5 usd per day to about 300 in two months.

    I started the 29th of june this year, and my goal was just to try. The first day, I got 5 usd. Then I put adsense on all my pages and it climbed to 14 usd. After that I bought one of those adsense courses for 29 usd.

    I learned there almost everything I know about it, especially that:

    - the 468*60 format is not as effective as the square box (250*250).
    - the ads should be inside the page rather than in the upper part.
    -the colors of the ads should be similar to the colors of the website
    - one ad box with only 3 ads is preferable to 3 ad boxes with 4 ads, because only the best paying ads are displayed.
    - it is profitable to create pages targeting high-paying keywords (finance-related, seo, etc.)
    - the link ad unit is effective (almost half of my revenues)
    - it is effective to monitor the performances of the pages and transfer traffic through serp and website structure to the most profitable
    - a google search box can be added (just 1% of my revenues, but it is an additionnal service to your website).

    That gives, for example a page such as:

    There is just one thing I have read in the adsense course and that I would not advise. They write that if you create a page with very little content, the probability of receiving clicks is high. It is true. But it also increases the risk of having your adsense account closed.

    I have noticed that the revenues are increasing almost proportionnally with the traffic (especially when your website deals with many different topics, countries, etc.), so now I am working at generating more traffic in order to be granted a premium google adsense account. And to reach the 4-digit revenue a day I also try to give more content to my visitors with mostly commercial services, which reduces the probability of seing my adsense account closed and lower the importance of adsense in my total ad revenues (in French, we say it is not good having all our eggs in the same basket).

    This is all I know of Adsense. I sincerely hope that it will serve members of this forum as profitably as it has served me these last 2 months.

    * I write "about" because I do not want to give the exact figures, as it is explicitely prohibited by Google.

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